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Fitting a Handbrake
It is possible to use the 'fly off' handbrake from an XJS, which is a nice looking chrome unit, and has the advantage that it always rests in the lowest position making entry/exit easy. The unit can be used complete with its cable without any alteration to its length. Even the fittings to the rear axle don't need to be changed. One grommet through the aluminium paneling is all that is required. The micro switch is also identical to that used on a series 3 XJ6 donor car so will allow the 'handbrake on' facility to be connected to the wiring loom.

The only drawback is that the unit is quite long, making it a long reach from the seated position. Don't be tempted to mount the handbrake as far back as possible otherwise forward travel of the seat will be restricted by the height of the unit. It is best to fit the drivers seat and reach a compromise ensuring that the seat will travel forward far enough for the shortest driver.

An adjustable arrangement can be made, as per sketch below, to allow the position to be fine tuned using the handbrake brackets on the chassis.