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Running an Aristocat

How fast will it go? Jaguar claim a top speed for a 4.2 litre XJ6 donor vehicle  of 125 mph (142 mph for the V12)! Anthony Taylor at Autotune has driven his racing prototype with the speedo needle off the scale at 160 mph plus!! In practice however, a standard Aristocat with a 4.2 litre engine and auto gearbox will cruise happily at 90 mph.  The Aristocat really does fit the old Jaguar tag of Grace, Space and Pace. Of course, the Aristocat Register would not condone breaking the UK national speed limit!
What is the fuel economy like?   Depending on the engine size and condition, you should get a slightly better fuel economy than the original XJ6 donor - because of the Aristocat is lighter than the donor vehicle. Expect around 15 to 25 mpg.
Do I need to do anything to look after the fibre glass / gel-coat?


The gel coat is comparatively soft compared to modern vehicle paints - especially when new. This means that it is fairly easy to scratch, but on the other hand it is fairly easy to polish out any scratches. If you follow theses simple guidelines, you shouldn't have many problems:
  1. Gel-coat should never be covered with plastic sheeting
  2. If a tarpaulin is used, it needs to have something soft beneath it to avoid condensation forming on the gel-coat
  3. Wash with warm water with car a shampoo such as an Autoglym type shampoo.
  4. If necessary, every now and again cut the surface back with T cut .