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The Donor Vehicle

What donor vehicles can be used? Any XJ6 model from 1968 to 1986, the XJS from 1975 to 1991. The pedal box on the XJ6 is the only difference although this can be modified. The post-1986  XJ40 model can also be used with a specific chassis to suit the AJ6 engine.
What do I need to look for on a donor vehicle? An honest car with low mileage. If it is running make sure the engine has good oil pressure, although you cannot always assume it is correct as silting in the oil galleries can give false readings. Check that the engine is not smoking and that there is no whining from the back axle. Check that the donor has a good useable interior, with decent leather seats and no cracks in the wooden dashboard.
I'm told to look out for low oil pressure on the donor vehicle engines. Is this correct? See above. Before taking an engine apart check that the oil pressure sensor and gauge are working correctly. If in doubt, fit a mechanical gauge to test the engine.
Do all Jaguar engines run on unleaded fuel? Yes, they all run on unleaded- a letter of explanation is included in each build manual by Autotune. This has been written by Jaguar Cars plc. Some owners have converted them to run on lpg.